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CEO of Career Builder China visited PAROS

时间:4/18/2013 来源:原创


Mr. Cucinella, CEO of Career Builder China and Mr. Wang,Chief Operating Officer visited PAROS on January the 28th, 2013. They had a look of the show cases of the achievements of the outstanding overseas scholars at PAROS. Then visited the talents exhibition at Pudong International Talent City, being companied by Mr. Cheng Dong, executive vice president of PAROS and Mr. Zhang Guilin, assistant to Chairman of PAROS. Friendly, frankly and deep in the future cooperation they had a talk in the Zhiying Hall at Pudong International Talent City.
Career Builder is the largest online recruitment network in the United States and the number one recruitment agency around the world. Their business scope covers 83 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Greece, and India. It has human resource database with more than 90 million high potentials, in which there are at least 300 thousand Chinese overseas who have a master's degree. In the mainland China Career Builder becomes more and more influential. The company has a team of 50 employees including an IT Centre. Career Builder China did succeed to attract talents in the United States for the municipal government of Ningbo City implementing the global recruitment launched by Chinese Central Government. Together with the municipal government of Ningbo City they held a symposium titled with How Could Be Successful Recruitment in U.S.A.
During the talk Mr. Cheng expressed the three focused cooperation:
1.       How to attract overseas talents and elites jointly?
2.       How to  support overseas talents and elites at the initial stage through training offered jointly by PAROS and Career Builder
3.       And a variety of activities sponsored jointly
Mr. Cheng made a presentation of the 1116 plan, the introduction of talent incentive scheme. He also interested strongly with the database and extensive network of Career. Mr. Cucinella appreciated the suggestion made by Mr. Cheng. He endorsed the process that a few joint activities as the beginning of cooperation should be implemented to take shape of the cooperation model.
The two sides were happy to reach a consensus that the mode of Career Builder China and Ningbo City could also be used and copied for the cooperation between them.

Ms Wang Hui of Pudong International Talent City briefed the guests on the multi-functions of the Service Center and delivered that the show case set up by Career Builder be welcome, which Career Builder showed a strong interest.

In a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere and with successful outcome Mr. Cucinella quoted Deng Xiaoping's famous remark "Feeling for Stones to cross the river" as the conclusion of the meeting and cooperation’s’ starting point.