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Chang zhaohua

时间:8/10/2010 来源:原创


To Create a Brand that Be ongs to Doctors and Patients
Chang zhaohua was a college student who entered university in 1979 shortly after China resumed its college entrance examination, a student in the Department of Power Engineering of Shanghai Machinery College (now the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology) for bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees, learning from Hua Zezhao and other professors during 1979-1987. In August 1987, he went to the United States to advance his studies and learn biology from Professor John G. Baust, chairman of the World Society for Microbiology at the time, and received his PH.D in Biological Sciences from the Department of Biological Sciences of the State University of NewYork in 1992.
     From 1987 to 1992 when he was studying in the United States, Chang Zhaohua published dozens of articles on the vitrification problem in microbiology, and theories of and experiments on extremely ultra-fast cryopreservation technology. He led to develop the first multi-cryoprobe, ultra-low temperature cryopreservation system and successfully applied it to the treatment of liver cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer and brain tumors and other diseases. Some theories and breakthrough technologies he got during the R&D process of the product, especially the low-cost and mass production method of ultra-low temperature cryoprobes, have become the standards of the industry that are still in use today. It has gradually become the main medical treatment for some cancers and has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of cancer patients.
      After returning to China in 1998, Chang Zhaohua presided over major projects of the National Development and Reform Commission, and dozens of national, local or industrialized key research projects, such as projects of the "National High-tech R&D Program of China", the technical innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, the "Shanghai High-tech R&D Program" and the program of using technology to make Shanghai prosper. He and the team led by him took the lead to successfully develop the multi-cryoprobe, ultra-low temperature system for treating cancers, and sacculus dilating catheter, stents and drug stents for treating coronary heart diseases.
      At the end of 1980s after 9 years of hard study of engineering, Chang Zhaohua became interested in biotechnology, and went to study in the Department of Biology in the State University of New York. Advancing one's study in a foreign country was extremely difficult. Chang Zhaohua not only made up his academic credits for an undergraduate and graduate in biology in a short term, but also served as a teaching assistant for two days per week. He used most of time outside the lab to learn English. His diligence earned breathtaking returns. In only two years,he published more than 40 essays in biology journals of the United States and obtained 5 patents. His tutor felt proud of him every time he received an invitation letter.
      Later, Chang Zhaohua's tutor prepared to set up a medical apparatus company focusing on researching low-temperature blood substitutes in operations for severe traumas and medical apparatus for curing cancers. He then was attracted by Chang Zhaohua's past experience in engineering. The teacher and the student together completed a much-told story. 5 years after the founding of the company, its products had saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of cancer patients around the world ranking 13th among millions of small and medium-sized enterprise of rapidest growth rate in the United States and among the top three in biomedical sector.
     Only by application could science and technology show their greatest value. Chang Zhaohua usually says, "Seeing that the products of my research and development could save a large number of lives, I began to seek for various medical treatments for human diseases."
      In 1997, Chang Zhaohua resigned from ENDOCare INC and planned to return to China to challenge himself once again. In May 1998, he created Microport Medical Apparatus(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. which focuses on professional research, development, production and treatment of cardio-cerebral vascular diseases. After 10 years of development, the company has become a leader of the industry. Chang Zhaohua sticks to such a business value that the company should be operating "a brand that belongs to doctors and patients".
      Today, Chang Zhaohua has won countless honors: Outstanding Constructor of the Course of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, winner of National Award for Science and Technology, one of the National Key Talents of the New Century Project, recipient of State Council's Special Allowance for Special Talents, winner of Shanghai Second Session Award for Top 10 Outstanding Talents of Science and Technology, one of the technical leaders of Shanghai, winner of the first prize of Shanghai Award for Science and Technology, one of the Top Ten Outstanding Youths of Shanghai Pudong New Area, Contributor of Technologies of Shanghai Pudong New Area... He is also an assistant dean of the Medical Apparatus College of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, professor, tutor of PH.D students, director of the Research Center for Minimally Invasive Surgical Technology of the Ministry of Education, vice-president of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association and president of its endeavor branch, vice-president of Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association in Pudong New Area, Shanghai Pudong Chamber of Commerce,etc.
     Chang Zhaohua's success lies in his diligence and courage to challenge. However, he is very humble, never forgets the teachers that have taught or helped him, always remembers those who helped him in his most difficult times, and operates the medical machinery brand of the Chinese nation for the simplest reason - thanksgiving.