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Deng Wencong

时间:8/6/2010 来源:原创


Broadcasting Love by Crossing the Strait
      Deng Wencong, born in Taiwan in 1959, is among the first batch of Taiwan businessmen coming to Shanghai. When studying in America, young Deng Wencong usually talked about the development of Chinese Mainland with students from there, and he was full of longing for the changes in China. At the end of 1986, Deng Wencong finished his school work. He didn't return to Taiwan to inherit the financial industry having been operated by his father for many years; instead, he crossed the strait and came to the hot land he was concerned about.
      Nowadays, Deng Wencong has multiple identities: Board Chairman of Hong Kong Yida Investment Co., Ltd., Board Chairman of Hong Kong Baiwei Investment Co., Ltd.,Board Chairman of Shanghai Yida Group, Board Chairman of Shanghai Baiwei Hotel Co., Ltd., Board Chairman of Shanghai Hafu Service Training School, and Board Chairman of Taiwan Sing for Life Insurance Co., Ltd. In addition, he is a member of Taiwan Compatriot Group of Shanghai Political Consultative Conference, overseas member of Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, adviser of National Taiwan Businessmen Association, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Taiwan Businessmen Association, and Director General of Taiwan China Cross-Strait Cultural and Economic
Sightseeing Association.
      He sighed with emotion when recalling his experiences of business creation. At the early stage of setting his foot in the business circle of Chinese Mainland,Deng Wencong invested in a marketplace giving priority to household appliances in Beijing.For introducing the advanced marketing method of Taiwan, he gained the first pot of gold.
     After that, he discovered that people from the Mainland loved the songs of Taiwan singers very much. Zhang Shujuan, Deng Wencong's wife, used to be a famous singer having issued multiple special albums, and was quite familiar with the audio disc industry. So, they bought out the audio disc copyright of multiple Taiwan audio disc companies, and introduced the audio discs to the Mainland for issuance. This action satisfied plentiful fans, and made people in the Mainland further know about the music creation in Taiwan. Meanwhile, he gained the second pot of gold.
      At the end of 1990s, Deng Wencong turned his attention to real estate industry. In 1992, by cooperating with China Shanghai Oriental Pearl ( Group ) Co., LTD., he invested in "Oriental Pearl TV Tower Rotating Restaurant",and constructed in Qingpu the "Oriental Pearl Garden Villa",the first batch of which was sold up within three months.
In 1996, he constructed the first Taiwan-funded high-level business hotel in Shanghai near Gubei Road, Maotai Road and Hongqiao Development Zone in Changning District.
Being put into operation in 2001, the hotel is one of the first batch of high-quality and up-to-standard units in Shanghai,and also the first one in Changning District.
    In recent years, besides Baiwei Hotel, the Yida Group created by Deng Wencong still includes Shanghai Guobang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Hafu education institution, coal industry seldomly operated by foreign businessmen, etc. Deng Wencong has become one of successful Taiwan enterprisers in Shanghai.
    Again in 2006, by dint of his acuminous economic insight, Deng Wencong purchased 95.76% stock equity and acted as the Board Chairman of Taiwan Sing for Life Insurance Co., Ltd. funded by the Party-run Business Center Of Taiwan Kuomintang, Guanghua Investment, and Qisheng Industry Co., Ltd. He said with full confidence, "In the future, I will return to the Mainland, invest in financial undertaking,and create greater resplendence."
      Deng Wencong loves peace, cares about the cross-
strait stability, and makes full efforts to promote cross-strait communication with full passion. As early as in 1998, he cooperated with Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese to hold the "Intonation Contests of Juveniles from Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Macau" for the first time. This activity aims at promoting the communication and understanding of juveniles from four places on both sides of the strait and generalizing mandarin; has extremely profound significance; and has been held for ten times up till now. Also in 2000 and 2001, Deng Wencong cooperated
with Shanghai Education Commission to hold the activity
"New-form Performance of Tang Dynasty Poetry" aiming at juveniles of Shanghai and Taiwan. Deng Wencong and his wife contribute several hundred million yuan annually for such activities, and they are still very glad to promote the communication and undertaking of the juveniles on both sides of the strait.
    Deng Wencong and his wife are still passionate about various charity and commonweal activities. On the eve of Beijing Asian Games in 1990, Deng Wencong invited several famous Taiwan singers to give charity performance in Beijing and Shanghai, and raised funds for the Asian Games.When Eastern China suffered from flood in 1991, Deng Wencong and his wife planned performance, and used partial box office income for disaster relief.
     During "SARS" period in 2003, Deng Wencong organized, sponsored, and called on Taiwan businessmen to take part in the "Sunshine Travel to Lhasa by Bicycle" and they traveled over 5,000 kilometers to Lhasa Jokhang Temple to pray for China. In the election of Taiwan leaders in 2004, he initiated the "Return Journey of One Million Taiwan Businessmen", brought forward ten appeals to the authority, and showed the force of Taiwan businessmen in the Mainland for the first time in the election of Taiwan leaders.