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Shanghai Punan Hospital

时间:8/25/2010 来源:原创

Pudong New Area, Shanghai Punan Hospital in Pudong South Road 2400, near the Nanpu Bridge Qiaotu, the is a set of health care, teaching and research as one of two general hospitals.

Hospital ward 18 floor building with advanced facilities, equipped with central air conditioning, advanced ward television, telephone, and health facilities (each also has a general ward health facilities), the existing 420 beds in the preparation of the actual opening 552, in preparing More than 700 employees, more than 60 senior titles (including being higher than 10), nearly 200 intermediate professional titles.

Neurosurgery hospital in 1996 and 1999 was twice as Shanghai, the leading characteristics of medical specialties, to work on a variety of brain tumors, cerebral aneurysms and abnormal movement of the emergency treatment of severe traumatic brain injury, and in March 2000 31 officially signed with the Huashan Hospital, Huashan Neurosurgery Group was set up in Pudong Branch of the hospital.

In recent years, [1] hospital in the original large-scale X-ray machine and other equipment on the basis of color Doppler ultrasound has invested heavily in the acquisition of modern equipment. Such as: spiral CT scanner, Siemens, Toshiba-DSA, Moller surgical microscope, ATL color B-, CECIRD-EM Almighty anesthesia workstations, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood cell counting apparatus, ECG workstation, two sets of central monitoring system and two sets of operating room equipment and the introduction of foreign neurosurgical navigation system; hospital Talents: the master had been introduced, and the Deputy Chief Physician, Dr. more than dozens of medical personnel. Strengthen the construction of hardware and software, and attached great importance to internal hospital management, emphasizing the quality of survival, and development characteristics of the spirit Punan, pay close attention to medical ethics, medicine, teaching and research work quality, service attitude, and made
good social benefits.