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Shanghai Asahi Japanese training

时间:9/15/2010 来源:原创


July 18, 1996, approved by the Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai University and the Japan Institute of International Co-Founder, November 18, the Shanghai Education Commission, the Japanese Consulate in Shanghai, Shanghai University, Shanghai, attended the inauguration ceremony held in the University .

The first 5 years Asahi business, a period of steady development, have opened the Luwan, Hongkou, Changning, Xuhui branch, headquarters to the dawn of buildings, and set up the Department of English and other minority languages.

The second five years is to expand the Asahi, a period of sustained development, continue to operate the Yangpu and Pudong, central China, the Tianshan and other branches set up in Songjiang, Shanghai's largest Asahi Boarding School.

Asahi students doubled the number of applicants ability to test, passing rates, high score rate among the best, Shanghai Interpreter Certificate is 100% through the miracle of creation, the city include three No. 1 for three consecutive years (personal highest score, the passing rate The average maximum points), Asahi National famous brand. Nantong Asahi, Asahi Wuxi, Suzhou and Asahi also have been established, and with great success.

Asahi's tireless efforts have won praise from students, social praise, peer recognition.
Continuous access to:
2005 National Advanced Unit Private
China's largest training base for Japanese
Top Ten Foreign Language training institutions in Shanghai (the first Japanese brand)

Shanghai Media Choice Award
Shanghai Price Association of Credit Construction Company
Private non-enterprise units in Shanghai Advanced

Countries in the development of the city in advance, Asahi to take off. Usher 10 anniversary of the Asahi, will be "student-centered" management principles to create a spirit of service attitude, stable sustainable development, facing the sun, creating a more brilliant future for the DPRK and Japan.